Nashville Software School Cohort E13

Come see us demo on June 24th 2021!

From the start of our journey in the midst of the pandemic, I think it's fair to say that each of us are so thankful to have such a wonderful team of people at NSS. It has been one of the most unique experiences and to think about where we are now with our new skill is pretty incredible.

The instructors we had were the absolute best. They fit in so well with our personalities but also went above and beyond to help us out when we were struggling. BIG shoutout to Dr. Teresa Vasquez, Nathan Gonzalez, Jacob Paine, Dylan Griffith, Jameka Echols, and Abbey Brown.

Another big thanks to the staff that helped us with whatever we needed! Adapting to this past year with everything going online felt very smooth thanks to everyone.

This wild ride has been a ton of fun and we wouldn't be here without the main man behind it all John Wark. Thanks so much for making all of this possible. You have changed our lives in so many ways.